Saturday, July 28, 2018
Masterson Station Park, Lexington, Kentucky

MSEDA + KDA Sanctioned
TD: Shelley Ryan        Judges: Betty Ortlieb | Megan Carr | Julia Quattrocchi | Julie Congleton

Opening Date: June 5 • Closing Date: Monday, July 20th (Entries after closing at Discretion of Organizer)

Dressage: $25/class
Combined Test: $75/division or $125 two consecutive divisions
Additional Schooling Jump Round: $10 (directly after judged round and must be entered in that division of CT)



Dressage Classes

Div. # Class Arena Size
01 2015 USDF Intro Test A Open Small
02 2015 USDF Intro Test B Open Small
03 2015 USDF Intro Test C Open Small
04 2015 USEF Training Level Test 1 Open Small
05 2015 USEF Training Level Test 2 Open Small
06 2015 USEF Training Level Test 3 Open Large
07 2015 USEF 1st Level Test % Class* Large
08 2015 USEF 2nd-4th Level Test % Class* Large
09 2015 NWHA Gaited Horse Choice of Test % Class* Small
10 USEF Western Intro-Basic Level Choice of Test % Class* Small
11 USEF Western 1st Level - Freestyle Choice of Test % Class* Large
12 2018 USEA Eventing Choice of Test % Class* Small
Tests may be read. Three dressage rides maximum allowed per day per horse.
* Percentage Classes: Each test will be scored once. Multiple tests may be ridden per class.

Combined Tests

Div.# Division Dressage Test Arena Size Stadium Speed
13 Greenie 2015 USDF Intro Test B Small 2' max not timed
14 Starter 2015 USDF Intro Test C Small 2' 3" max 250 mpm
15 Beginner Novice 2018 USEA Beg Novice Test B Small 2' 7" max 300 mpm
16 Novice 2018 USEA Novice Test B Small 2' 11" max 320 mpm
17 Training 2018 USEA Training Test B Small 3' 3" max 325 mpm
18 Preliminary 2018 USEF Preliminary Test B Large 3' 7" max 350 mpm
19 Combo: Greenie + Starter As Above      
20 Combo: Starter + Beg. Nov As Above      
21 Combo: Beg. Nov + Novice As Above      
22 Combo: Novice + Training As Above      
23 Combo: Training + Prelim As Above      


Extra jump round - Single CT Same Level; Same Horse/Rider
Extra jump round - Combo CT Same Level; Same Horse/Rider

Tests must be memorized. USEA Medical Armbands required for Stadium.

Medical Releases: All riders must sign medical release. Riders under the age of 18 must have an entry form and medical release signed by parent or guardian.
Ride Times: Posted no later than Wednesday, July 25th at www.HorseAidLive.com


Prizes. Ribbons 1st-6th Place.
Stabling: No Stabling Available.
Attire: Approved helmets and footwear required. Coats and braiding not required.
Food & Drink: Available on grounds beginning at 7:00 am

Volunteers Needed! Time Counts Toward MSEDA Volunteer Hours
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Email Organizer Cyndi Greathouse

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